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House Plants

Did you know that we carry all kinds of house plants all year around? There are so many different types of house plants! We would love to help you discover which one is best for your home.

Plants make a great addition to your decor while purifying the air in your home!

If you want a pop of color in your home, Kalanchoe make a great choice! They have vibrant blooms that will pop in your home.

Orchids also make a great blooming house plant!

Hanging plants are a great way to utilize space in your home that can otherwise be tricky to fill.
We always cary an assortment of hanging plants including spider plants like the one above. Spider plants are one of the top five house plants to help purify the air in your home! Boston ferns (below, left) are another one of the top five air purifying house plants!

If you tend to have trouble taking care of your house plants, just stop in and we can chat with you about some ideas to help you out!